Proposed Projects

  • Abir Al Ghuzlan (first author)
  • Update on Follicular Encapsulated Lesions of the Thyroid

  • Munita Bal (first author)
  • Development of Head and Neck Pathology in India

  • Remco de Bree (first author)
  • Image-Guided Surgery of Oral Cancer

    Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma in Fanconi Anaemia Patients

    Metachronous Distant Metastases in Head and Neck Cancer Patients: How to Manage Oligometastases?

  • Remco de Bree (Co-guest Editor)
  • Treatment Strategies for Recurrent Cancers in Head and Neck Oncology

  • Carlos M. Chiesa-Estomba (first author)
  • Head and Neck Reconstruction with the Thoraco-Dorsal Artery System. A Systematic Review

  • James C.H. Chowa (first author)
  • Neurological complications after head and neck radiotherapy

  • Francisco C. Civantos (first author)
  • Revision Lymphadenectomy for Recurrent Well Differentiated Thyroid Cancer, Indications and Technique

  • Andrés Coca-Pelaz (first author)
  • Recurrent Differentiated Thyroid Carcinoma: Treatment Options

    Poorly Differentiated Thyroid Cancer

  • Oded Cohen (first author)
  • Medullary Thyroid Cancer

  • June Corry (first author)
  • Quality Assurance in Head and Neck Cancer Treatments. A Review of Current Practice and Recommendations for Future Practice

    Rationalization of Adjuvant Therapy in Surgically Treated HPV OPC

  • Avraham Eisbruch (first author)
  • Tumor Heterogenecity

  • Alfio Ferlito (Co-guest Editor)
  • Treatment Strategies for Recurrent Cancers in Head and Neck Oncology

  • Veronica Fernández-Alvarez (first author)
  • Management of Intravascular Lipomas of the Head and Neck

  • Ewa Florek (first author)
  • Novel Multifunctional Nanomaterials for the Therapy of Head and Neck Cancer

  • Alessandro Franchi (first author)
  • Tumor Immune Microenvironment in Sinonasal Carcinomas

  • Eric M. Genden (first author)
  • Advances in Tracheal Reconstruction

    The Ethics of Transplantation in Head and Neck

  • Paweł Golusinski (first author)
  • The Role of Elective Neck Dissection on Early Stage Lip Cancer Patients. Systematic Review

  • Joanne Gueriain (first author)
  • Review of Outcomes of Salvage Surgery

  • Orlando Guntinas-Lichius (first author)
  • Total or Partial Tonsillectomy for Recurrent Acute Tonsillitis

  • Gyorgy B. Halmos (Guest Editor)
  • Treatment Strategies for Recurrent Cancers in Head and Neck Oncology

  • Dana M. Hartl (first author)
  • Extent of Therapeutic Neck Dissection in cN1b Differentiated Thyroid Cancer

    For cN1b Patients with Evidence of Central Neck Disease in Thyroid Cancer Should a Central Neck Dissection Be Performed? Unilateral? Bilateral?

  • Jens Peter Klußmann (first author)
  • Current Management of HPV-Positive CUP Syndrome

  • Luiz P. Kowalski (first author)
  • Indications, Improvements and Results of Salvage TORS in Oropharynx Squamous Cell Carcinoma

    Neck Dissection in Patients Submitted to TORS: Options and Outcomes

  • Suren Krishnan (first author)
  • Distant Metastases from Head and Neck

  • Anne W. M. Lee (first author)
  • Review on International Consensus Guideline for Nasopharyngeal Cancer

    Candida Dysbiosis After Radiation Therapy and Chemotherapy for Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma

    Change in Oral Microbiome After Radiation Therapy and Chemotherapy for Nasopharyngeal and Oropharyngeal Cancer

  • Victor H. F. Lee (first author)
  • Local Recurrent Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma

  • Fernando López (first author)
  • Update on Esthesioneuroblastoma

  • Antti A. Mäkitie (first author)
  • Machine Learning in Head and Neck Cancer Prognostication

  • Jean-Paul Marie (first author)
  • Bilateral Vocal Cord Mobility Impairment and Thyroid Nodes Recurrence. What to Do

  • Fabio Montenegro (first author)
  • Parathormone Levels and Outcomes After Parathyroidectomy in Dialysis Patients

  • (Lewis)Wai Tong Ng (first author)
  • Post-Radiation Temporal Lobe Injury in Patients with NPC: a Systematic Review of Temporal Lobe Dose-Volume Constraints in the IMRT Era

  • Sweet Ping Ng (first author)
  • Steretactic Protocol

  • Sandra Nuytis (first author)
  • Adaptive Intensity-Modulated Radiotherapy for Head and Neck Cancer: Pitfalls and Possibilities

  • Pia Pace-Asciak (first author)
  • A Review of the Applications of RFA in the Head and Neck

    Review of Recurrent Parotid Malignancies

  • Carsten Palme (first author)
  • Peristomal Recurrence

  • Bayardo Perez-Ordoñez (first author)
  • Development of Head and Neck Pathology in North America

  • Cesare Piazza (first author)
  • Malignant Carotid Body Tumors: What We Know, What We Do and What We Need to Achieve

    Meta-Analysis of Laryngeal Dedifferentiated and Myxoid Chondrosarcomas: the Dark Side of the Moon of an Otherwise Indolent Disease

  • Juan P. Rodrigo (first author)
  • Surgical Treatment of the Neck in Recurrent/Persistent Head and Neck Cancer After Chemoradiotherapy

  • Ohad Ronen (first author)
  • Treatment of Orbital Invasion from Sinonasal Carcinomas

  • Nadil F. Saba (first author)
  • Novel Immunotherapeutic Approaches to Treating HPV Related Head and Neck Cancer

  • Alvaro Sanabria (first author)
  • Loco-Regional Strategies to Decrease Postoperative Pain and Neck Discomfort After Open Thyroidectomy - a Sequing Review

    Mohs Surgery in Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans

    Pharynx Reconstruction Methods to Avoid Pharyngocutaneous Fistula After Primary Total Laryngectomy: a Scoping Review

    Sialendoscopy for Sjögren Disease

    The Need for Thyroidectomy During Laryngectomy

  • Ann Sandison (first author)
  • Diagnosing Cholesteatoma - the Surgical Pathologists Perspective

  • Mario Sanna (first author)
  • The Paragangliomas of the Head and Neck

  • Ashok R. Shaha (first author)
  • Non Surgical Thyroid Lesions

  • Roderick H. W. Simpson (first author)
  • Warthin’s Tumor: Is It Always Easy to Diagnose?

  • Catherine Sinclair (first author)
  • General Anesthesia Opiate Sparing Effects of Lidocaine Infiltration in Thyroid Surgery

  • Alena Skálová (first author)
  • Update from the 5th Edition of the World Health Organization Classification of Head and Neck Tumors 2023: Molecularly Defined Sinonasal Malignancies

  • Robert Smee (first author)
  • The Patient with HPV Squamous Cell Carcinoma Arising in the Oropharynx

  • Maie A. St. John (first author)
  • Multidisciplinary Care of Head and Neck Cancer Patients

  • Primož Strojan (first author)
  • Role of Reirradiation in Recurrent Head and Neck Cancer

  • Margareta Strojan Fležar (first author)
  • Comparison of Pretreatment Diagnostic Accuracy of Fine Needle Aspiration and Core Biopsy in Malignancies of Head and Neck

  • Robert P. Takes (first author)
  • Post-Treatment Follow-Up of Head and Neck Cancer Patients

  • Asterios Triantafyllou (first author)
  • Paraganglia of the Larynx: a Reappraisal

  • Vincent Vander Poorten (first author)
  • Unravelling the Molecular Biological Basis for Salivary Gland Cancer: Recent Progress

  • Emrullah Yilmaz (first author)
  • Immunotherapy and Radiation Therapy Combinations in Head and Neck Cancers

  • Nina Zidar (first author)
  • Stem Cell Properties in Laryngeal Carcinogenesis